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Plant Lease Packages

If cost issues have kept you from installing live plants, consider that they’re really more of an INVESTMENT than an expense.

Why use live plants in buildings…

Interior live plants have become increasingly popular during the last 30 years. Most architects now include plants in their design specification for new shopping centers, office complexes and other public areas and they are something we all expect to see when we walk through the door.

Recent research has shown that the value of plants goes far beyond the purely aesthetic. Plants are actually good for the building and its occupants in a number of subtle ways and are an important element in providing a pleasant, inviting environment where people can work.

Why it matters…

The human asset is the most valuable and expensive asset of any business. In terms of cost per square foot, the human asset is approximately 10 times the total building operating cost and nearly 100 times the energy cost. No matter how it is expressed, when a business can give rise to personal productivity, the business wins.

It is becoming increasingly well demonstrated that natural elements such as green plants in buildings, have real measurable benefits such as productivity, emotional well-being, stress reduction, improved learning and healing.
Potential returns on this type of investment can make interior plants an extremely worthwhile and valuable addition to the workspace you manage.

Interior Gardens Austin, LLC is pleased to offer Lease Packages specifically for Smaller Space Work Areas.


Collection One
5 Plant Package
For offices of 1,000 square feet or less that include a
Reception area and up to two offices
1 – 6’-7’ Dracaena 14” liner
1 – 4-5’ Janet Craig Cane 12” liner
2 – 2-3’ Chinese Evergreen Aglonema 10” liner
1 – 6” Assorted desk or file cabinet /credenza plants
$ 110.00 + tax per month includes container, maintenance and guaranteed replacements

Collection Two
7 Plant Package
For offices of 1,200-1,800 square feet
1 x 6-7’ 1 x 4-5’ 3 x 2-3’ 2 x 6”
$ 135.00 + tax per month (please see Cost Summary below)

Collection Three
10 Plant Package
For offices of 2,000 square feet
2 x 6-7’ 3 x 4-5’ 3 x 2-3’ 2 x 6”
$ 165.00 + tax per month (please see Cost Summary below)

Collection Four
15 Plant Package
For offices of 2,800 or more square feet
3 x 6-7’ 5 x 4-5’ 4 x 2-3’ 3 x 6”
$ 190.00 + tax per month (please see Cost Summary below)

Cost Summary

  • Prices reflect a ONE YEAR LEASE agreement
  • Cancellation by 30 day written notice only after one year
  • First and last month’s lease fee paid upon installation
  • A one time delivery/ installation and materials fee of $ 75.00 will apply for all packag
  • Guaranteed plant replacement is included on all packages
  • Plants will be installed in black, thin walled, cylinder shaped, plastic, leak-proof containers
  • For the Lechuza tall cube containers shown, add $ 65.00 to the monthly fee
  • Other containers are available and if selected, are subject to a monthly price increase. Purchase options are available.
  • Prices are determined by plant varieties, size and container selection. A free consultation to ensure success in your particular work environment along with care sheets will be provided upon installation of your new plants.

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