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Interior Foliage

We have access to over 800 different varieties of interior tropical plants from all over the United States. We offer sales, design, lease and maintenance programs with guaranteed replacements. Use the plant selection guide button below to preview some of our plants.


At each visit, the technician will attend to watering, trimming, cleaning, soil amendments, fertilization, pest identification and organic treatment. As we all know, nothing lasts forever. Guaranteed maintenance means we will provide prompt, free replacements if any plant under our care fails to thrive or declines below our top quality standards. Whether you’re a new installation or an acquired client with existing plants, keeping your plants looking good all the time is our main focus.

Replica Plants

We realize there are just some places live plants won’t work. But, plants are what you need. We hand build each artificial plant to look as authentic and natural as possible.


Happy Holidays! Our team of creative and experienced seasonal decorators can transform your environment. Our designs range from traditional, simple elegance to bold and whimsical. Our goal is to provide the highest quality décor that exceeds all your expectations. We design and construct unique holiday displays large and small!

Corporate Floral

Flowers make people happy! Our professional floral designers can create everything from table centerpieces for a special VIP dinner event, to a simple desk top thank you arrangement, for a well deserving employee. With so many amazing colors and varieties the possibilities are endless! We also offer weekly rotation for the lobby reception desk to fit every budget.

Exterior Color Gardens

Beautiful containers of blooming flowers and green plants enhance entrances, decks and pool areas. We install and maintain exterior plants that thrive in small spaces. Our blooming color rotations are customized to fit seasonal changes and color schemes. Exterior landscape consultation, design and installation available. For exterior landscape consultation, design and installation, contact our office.


Our custom planter selections range from simple understated lines to elegant, eye-catching, architectural inspirations. Mediums of wood, metal, fiberglass, stone, composite concrete, and ceramic are all considered when choosing the right planter for your locations and interior or exterior applications.

Virtual Renderings

Digital imaging allows us to take a photo of your space and then showcase plants and containers so you can see the project in it’s design stages, or as a final proposal.

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